About Dallas Gorham

Dallas Gorham is a sixth-generation Texan and a proud Texas Longhorn, having earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. He graduated in the top three-quarters of his class, maybe.


He is also a reluctant Dallas Cowboy fan (Cowboy fans: You know how it is. But he has no choice... He's named after them, sort of.)


Like Dallas' fictional Mexican-American hero, Carlos "Chuck" McCrary, he now lives in a waterfront house in Florida where he and his wife like to watch the sun set over the lake and have a glass of wine. There, Dallas has followed his lifelong love of reading mysteries and thrillers into writing them. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America and the Florida Writers Association.


He moved to Florida years ago to escape Dallas winters (which were too cold Brrr!) and summers (which were too hot Whew!).


When not writing fiction, Dallas is frequent (but bad) golfer. He plays about once a week because that is all the abuse he can stand. One of his goals in life is to find more golf balls than he loses. He also is an accomplished liar (is this true?) and defender of down-trodden palm trees.


Dallas is married to his one-and-only wife who treats him far better than he deserves. They have two grown sons whom they are inordinately proud of. They also have seven grandchildren who are the smartest, most handsome, and most beautiful grandchildren in the known universe. He and his wife spend waaaay too much money on their love of travel. They have visited all 50 states and over 90 foreign countries, the most recent of which was Morocco (don’t bother).


He has a website at www.DallasGorham.com to communicate with anyone weird enough to care what he thinks. Dallas also has a Twitter account, an Amazon author page, and a Facebook page for those people with too much time on their hands.

Day of the Tiger by Dallas Gorham (Carlos McCrary novel book 5)

Gorham_DayTigerOpposites attract, right? Tank Tyler is a mega-wealthy investment manager and Pro Football Hall of Famer. Al Rice, a victim of drugs and self-pity, has been a miserable failure since being kicked off the football team years ago. The two men share a sordid secret that ruined Al’s life and turned Tank’s dreams into nightmares for sixteen years, in spite of his success—a secret that still entangles the lives of these polar opposites.

Now Monster Moffett, a sadistic loan shark who once mangled Al’s hand with a ball-peen hammer when he couldn’t repay his loan, again targets Al. Moffett even threatens Al’s mother, Doraleen Rice. When Doraleen begs Tank for help, he hires private investigator Chuck McCrary to protect both Doraleen and Al.
Chuck exposes a human sex trafficking ring and forced prostitution in the sleazy world of high-priced “Gentlemen’s Clubs”—a world where Chuck will need more than brawn, balls, and bullets to sort out this mess.

Moffett kidnaps Doraleen Rice to hold as collateral for her son’s debt. Chuck uncovers Moffett’s hideout, but he can’t wait for the FBI. With gun in hand, he invades the heavily-armed gang’s stronghold alone, but he hasn’t counted on facing a knife-wielding African warrior. Now he faces deadly odds of ever seeing the light of day.

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Dangerous Friends by Dallas Gorham (Carlos McCrary novel book 4)

DF_Cover_kindleChuck McCrary is a wisecracking former Green Beret turned private investigator with a special genius for helping people in trouble—especially if they can pay him for his efforts.

Michelle Babcock, the granddaughter of South Florida’s legendary restaurateur and Chuck’s friend, Hank Hickham, has disappeared. She wakes Chuck with a 4:30 a.m. phone call, desperate for help. James Ponder, her drug addicted boyfriend, has involved her in a double murder that could put her in prison for life unless Chuck can find her a way out.

Michelle only expected free tutoring in college chemistry when she slept with James Ponder, a graduate student obsessed with global warming protests, who has a talent for ecoterrorism. Instead, she is sucked into an unhealthy circle of friendships surrounding an amoral professor whose secret agenda has yielded him millions of dollars with more loot to come. Michelle is swept up in a nightmare of political corruption, terrorism, and mega-million-dollar crimes.

Chuck uncovers a conspiracy involving arson, murder, and the Chicago mob. A mysterious millionaire has masterminded a string of mega-million-dollar stock market scams that reach back for five years. The mastermind intends to cut his losses by murdering anyone who can lead the cops back to him. That includes Michelle, Chuck, and the conscienceless professor, who becomes Chuck’s unwilling ally.

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Quarterback Trap by Dallas Gorham (Carlos McCrary novel book 3)

2015-02-12 Quarterback Trap_kindle coverPort City is excited to be hosting the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys in the first Super Bowl in its fabulous, new billion-dollar stadium. Private investigator Chuck McCrary’s old friend from high-school football, Bob Martinez, is starting quarterback for the Jets.

One week before the game, Martinez’s supermodel fiancée, Graciela, disappears in the middle of the night from the Super Bowl headquarters hotel. Martinez hires Chuck to find her, but he won’t let Chuck involve the police. That same day the odds on the Super Bowl game change dramatically when someone bets a hundred million dollars on the Cowboys to beat the point spread. Is it Vicente Vidali, the New Jersey casino owner and mob boss? Did he kidnap Graciela?

Chuck discovers that Graciela has a secret that threatens her life, regardless of the game’s outcome. Was she really kidnapped, or did she run away from her own secret life? Martinez also has a dangerous secret that threatens to destroy his multi-million-dollar career in the NFL.

To save Graciela’s life, mob boss Vicente Vidali demands that Martinez shave the point spread on the Super Bowl, so Vidali can collect on his hundred-million-dollar bet.

Chuck’s search for the missing supermodel takes him from the dangerous streets and drug dealers of a South Florida ghetto to the waterfront high-rises and private island mansions of billionaires, movie stars, and crime moguls. Chuck must assault the mob boss’s mega-yacht, risking his own life to bring Graciela to safety. Then he must invade Vidali’s luxurious island fortress to take the fight to the mobster’s home.

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Double Fake, Double Murder by Dallas Gorham (Carlos McCrary novel book 2)

2014-09-19 DoubleFake_Cover for ebooksMob boss Garrison Franco is gunned down in the street, and the police think they know who did it—Jorge Castellano, one of their own homicide detectives whose wife had been threatened by Franco. Castellano claims he’s been framed and pleads with private investigator Chuck McCrary to find the real killer.

Chuck discovers a mysterious teenager who ran away from an abusive foster home who may have the witnessed the murder. But the boy doesn’t trust anyone and won’t tell Chuck what he saw. Chuck must gain the boy’s trust before he can solve the crime.

Chuck’s prime suspect is Ted Smoot, a disgraced, former police detective and convicted blackmailer, now out of jail and plying his trade again. With shameful secrets and millions of dollars at stake, three of Smoot’s super rich victims try to hire Chuck to kill Smoot. He refuses, but days later Smoot is found shot to death with Chuck’s gun. Chuck is arrested for murder.

Now Chuck must not only find out who killed Franco and framed his friend Castellano for the murder, but must solve the new murder or face a lifetime in prison himself. His efforts to untangle the web of fabricated evidence in both murders take him from the crime-filled streets of a South Florida ghetto to the waterfront mansions and condos of the mega wealthy in pursuit of the mysterious and elusive killers.

Chuck must deal with millionaires and billionaires on the one hand and hoodlums and drug dealers on the other.

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Six Murders Too Many by Dallas Gorham (Carlos McCrary novel book 1)

Six Murders Too Many

Now on his first big case as a newly-minted private investigator, Carlos “Chuck” McCrary must untangle a web of fraud, arson, adultery, and murder before he becomes its latest victim. Millionaire oil man Ike Simonetti and his model-slim wife, Lorraine, arrive at Chuck McCrary’s office to claim that Ike’s stepmother is trying to steal $400,000,000 from him. Chuck learns that while Sam Simonetti, Ike’s billionaire father, was hospitalized for his second heart attack, Sam’s two daughters from an earlier marriage died in a house fire, leaving Ike as Sam’s only child. When Sam died in the hospital, Ike was the sole heir to Sam’s estate. Or was he?

There is another contender for the fortune—a baby girl born to the dead billionaire’s hot young trophy wife (now widowed) six months after Sam’s death. The widow has staked a claim to half of Sam’s billion-dollar estate for her infant daughter Gloria. Now Ike wants Chuck to determine the identity of Gloria’s real father and cut her out of the will. The investigation takes Chuck from the sun-splashed beaches of South Florida to the burned-out Cleveland home of the two dead daughters. He stirs up a hornet’s nest and uncovers a triple murder. When mob hitmen ambush Chuck, the case becomes a matter of life and death. To save his own life and that of the supposed infant heiress, Chuck must discover if one of the billionaire’s surviving family members is the real puppet master behind the murders. Then Chuck learns that there may be two Black Widows dueling over the billionaire’s estate– willing to kill anyone who gets in their way…including an infant heiress and a nosy private investigator. Bodies keep piling up as Chuck conspires to hide Gloria to keep her safe from the shadowy killer while he solves the mystery of Gloria’s paternity.

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I’m No Hero by Dallas Gorham

I'm_no_hero_Final_coverOn a clear night in June 2006, Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 777, the Triple Seven, gets their mission: Free an Afghan mountain village from a ruthless Taliban blockade which is starving the people to death. The village’s crime? They educated girls in the village school.

A courageous young boy from the village sneaks through the hot summer night to escape the Taliban blockade. He runs ten miles barefooted to get help, arriving at an Afghan National Army garrison with bloody feet. He seeks the help of Afghan Major Ibrahim Malik. But Malik knows that his ANA small force is no match for the well-armed Taliban terrorists. Malik and the boy come to the Green Berets of the Triple Seven for help.

The Taliban have a larger force, heavily armed with Kalashnikov AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades. The Americans must rely on their equipment, their training, and themselves.

This is a story of Sergeant Carlos “Chuck” McCrary, a Mexican-American Green Beret, and his team of soldiers who risk their lives to save two thousand Afghan townspeople they have never even met. Chuck and his fellow Special Forces soldiers live the motto: “We own the night.” They set off in the darkness to defeat the Taliban and break the blockade. But when the soldiers of the Triple Seven don their night vision goggles and show up in the dark hours to liberate the village, they are surprised and outnumbered by an ambush of heavily-armed Taliban terrorists.
The soldiers of Team Triple Seven must fight for their lives, or the villagers won’t be the only ones the Taliban wipe out.

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